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Notes for Artists

Age & experience

The aim is to make sessions open and welcoming to anyone, with any level of ability and experience. You do not have to be any good at drawing. You just need to enjoy it and be willing to take it seriously.

Normally, people under 18 are excluded from life drawing groups. However, I believe life drawing can be enjoyable, beneficial and rewarding for people of all ages. I therefore do not impose a lower age limit, although my expectation is that artists will be 16+.

Any under-18s should be identified at the time of booking, and will need to accompanied by an appropriate adult.

Bookings, Payment & Cancellations

Attendance at sessions must be booked in advance. This is to control numbers, and to ensure that I know who will be attending. Open access without pre-booking could compromise my ability to maintain a safe and secure experience for artists and models.

Bookings can be made by contacting the organiser, Roy:

Payment can be made at the time of booking (by card or via PayPal), or at the session (by card or cash).

I am adopting a policy that bookings can be cancelled at any time, with full refund of any amounts paid (minus any payment card charges incurred). 

(NB If the number of cancellations and no-shows becomes problematic, I will have to introduce a policy of payment-in-advance, and time limits on refunds.)


For the comfort and benefit of all, please observe the following guidance:

  • Do not touch the model without first asking them for permission to do so. Touching of the model is very rarely warranted, even for a tutor. If you would like a model to adopt or change a pose, please describe what you want in words or with a picture.

  • Do not comment on the model's body or appearance. If you would like to compliment the model's work, keep language in a drawing sense rather than referring to conventional beauty.

  • Do not take any photos of the model while they are modelling without first asking them for permission to do so. Please note that models often have a no-photography rule.

  • Please remember that the model is a person, and treat them as such. They have a name; use it. They will be introduced at the start of the session, are usually very open to engagement between poses, and are sometimes often willing to interact during poses.

  • Always treat the model with the utmost respect and sensitivity. Yes, they are providing  a paid service, but even experienced models will feel some vulnerability being nude in front of a group of people.

  • Please do not use your phone during the class.


Pulborough Life Drawing Group is a private group. Not all models and artists are fully open with colleagues, friends and family knowing about their involvement in life drawing. By all means shout from the hilltops about how great life drawing is, but please keep confidential any details about those who participate, unless who have their express permission to do otherwise.


You should not feel free to share any information about participants and their work that they have shared on social media. They may have privacy settings that you are not aware of that you could unintentionally breach.

Your artworks

You are encouraged to show your artworks to your fellow artists and the model. There will normally be a short period at the end of a session when we all take a look at each others' work.

Please post images to social media, as that helps promote life drawing. However, please only post images of your own work. And if you do so, please tag Pulborough Life Drawing accounts, and [with their agreement] the artist's accounts. Both the Group and the models will appreciate the publicity!


I welcome any feedback from artists, on any aspect of sessions, both positive and negative.

Notes for Models

(Please also read the Notes for Artists)


My aim is to use models of all genders, ages, sizes, races, abilities, etc. When selecting models, this will be my first concern, at least to the extent that I can find models who are available, reliable and affordable, of course!

Booking & cancellation

I will normally aim to book models at least two weeks in advance. Bookings will be confirmed by me by email, and your acceptance should also be confirmed to me by email.

Once booked, I will start promoting the session through social media (and possibly other means) that you will be modelling for. I will use any photos and/or links that you provide for that purpose.

If you accept a booking but then find that you cannot make it, please give me as much notice as possible, preferably a few days, but even a few hours is better than just not turning up!

Transport and arrival arrangement

I will not normally cover travel expenses.

If you need collecting from a public transport location, please let me know well in advance.

However you travel to the venue, please endeavour to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of the start of the session. This will give us time to agree session format, poses, etc., and you time to prepare for a prompt start.


My preference is to pay by bank transfer against an invoice. However, where a model prefers, I am happy to pay in a different manner, including by cash.


I know from my own experience as a model that venues used for life drawing sessions vary widely in ambient temperature, whatever the time of year. I will always endeavour to ensure the model's space is sufficiently warm for prolonged poses whilst nude.

Props, cushions, etc.

There will will normally be a small selection of throws, cushions, etc., for you to use, and there will be furniture to use in your poses, if you wish. Feel free to bring any other props that you would like to use.

Modelling etiquette

When modelling myself, I am very relaxed and informal about things like: using particular areas for dressing and undressing; wearing a robe at the beginning and end of sessions, and during breaks; and when engaging with the artists.

However, I am aware that not all models are as comfortable as I am with such a relaxed way of working.

I will take the lead from you, the model. If you would like a separate changing space, I will try to arrange that.

Please be as relaxed as you care to be when not posing. If you are experienced, you will probably have developed a sense for what the group of artists is comfortable with, and go with that. If you are inexperienced, it is best to err on the side of caution and assume that when not posing you should be robed.

For me, life drawing is as much about celebrating the beauty of the naked human body in all of its wonderful variety as it is about developing artists' drawing skills.


The number, duration and types of poses may vary from session, depending on:

  • Length of the session

  • Expectations and wishes of the artists

  • Capabilities and experience of the artists

  • Capabilities and experience of the model

I favour what seems to be a typical format of session, i.e. starting with a series of shorter poses of varying duration, followed by one or two longer poses. A typical two-hour programme will be:

  • 60 minutes of shorter poses:

    • 5 x 2 minute poses

    • 3 x 5 minute poses

    • 2 x 10 minute poses

    • 1 x 15 minute pose​

  • 15 minute break

  • 1 x 40 minute pose

  • 5 minute review of artworks & wrap-up

Types of poses will be discussed with the model at the start of the session. Where the model is happy to do so, they will select the particular poses, taking into account the number, layout and experience of the artists.

As with my own modelling, my aim is to provide artists with a good range of different perspectives of the naked human form.

Poses can be as candid and revealing as the model feels comfortable doing and that is appropriate for the artists, but should never stray into anything erotic or sexual.


You should never feel pressured to adopt a pose that you are not comfortable doing and/or are not able to hold for the required period.


Unless the model expresses a wish for a silent session, music will normally be played throughout.

The model will, of course, be permitted to influence the choice of music played!

Social Media

I welcome models promoting themselves and Pulborough Life Drawing on social media. Feel free to post photos that have been taken with artists' consent, tagging the accounts of the artists and of the Group.

Follow up & Feedback

If payment is not made at the time of the session, models should submit a request for payment (e.g. an invoice) for the agreed amount within one week of the session. I will normally pay the amount due by bank transfer within 24 hours (although this may be a little delayed if I am away at the time).

I welcome any feedback from models, on any aspect of sessions, both positive and negative.

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